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Nouvelle illustration SUPERHEROS Tribute to Mike Mignola#Batman #Spideman

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SLOVAKIA, Banská Bystrica : Members of the Russian group Alexanders warm up as they attend ceremonies to commemorate 70 years anniversary of the Slovakia’s National Uprising (SNP) at the Museum of SNP in the central Slovak town of Banska Bystrica on August 29,2014.The SNP celebrations at Banska Bystrica attended many foreign delegations along with thousands of Slovaks.The Slovak National Uprising belongs to the largest armed resistance activities, which took place on the “German” territory during the World War II. Within two months, nearly sixty thousand soldiers and about eighteen thousand guerrillas were defending a compact region in Central Slovakia against German troops. AFP PHOTO/JOE KLAMAR
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Jeremy Leabres - Nollie Front Noseslide
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Clara, my unbearably cute niece being unbearably cute.
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